Turnstiles & Pedestrian Access

Turnstiles & Pedestrian Access

Turnstiles are suitable for controlling access of pedestrians in reception areas, health clubs, themeparks, public buildings and stadiums.

They can be supplied at half height, with or without canopies, and installed on their own or integrated into a gated entry system.

They can be controlled with most means of access control and can release automatically if linked with fire alarms or other evacuation procedure equipment.

School Gates

SJT Auto Gates have been trusted to install automatic gates and barriers at several local primary schools and academies to provide cost effective, safe and reliable automatic gate systems.

With Ofsted safe guarding being of such importance it is becoming more common to see schools installing automatic gates to increase security or to control ever increasing levels of traffic with drop-offs and pick-ups of pupils.

We approach school jobs with a clear and no-nonsense approach.

We know the schools can struggle for funding and these systems are a last resort, so knowing when to manufacture new gates, or making use of structurally sound existing gates and modifying them to be safe to use as automated gates, is usually key to success. Installing automatic barriers alongside manual gates satisfies parking restrictions and maintains security out of hours. Pedestrian gates can be fitted with timer controlled electric locks and gas strut self closers to remove the need for automation and the risks this can bring. This has proven to be a key area of work for us bringing great results for the school and maintaining key business relationships within this sector.

Gate Maintenance

SJT Auto Gates can maintain and repair the majority of automatic gate and barrier systems. We carry an array of general day-to-day spare parts at all times, resulting in most faults rectified first time, saving you down time and further expense from return visits.

Major system specific parts like motors and access control equipment can be sourced next day in the vast majority of cases.

Although we do not provide 24hr cover we can at our discresion be as flexible as possible with out of hours repairs at evenings and weekends to minimise disruption to your business.

Any person conducting maintenance, repair or modification of a system can only do so if the completed work leaves the system in a safe condition. Systems installed before 2015 and almost certainly if before 2008, are unlikely to comply and would be deemed to be in an unsafe condition.

Those with responsibility for the system including owners, workplace managers, landlords, site occupiers, managing agents and facilities managers with contractual responsibilities, have a legal duty of care for all who use, and misuse the gate including trespassers. Failure to meet these duties imposed by health and safety legislation could result in criminal proceedings and any insurance cover you may have for such risks being void. YOU CAN NOT INSURE AGAINST CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS.

Further information and guidance can be found by following these links:

For commercial and industrial clients - hse.gov.uk/work-equipment-machinery/powered-gates/responsibilities

For domestic home owners - hse.gov.uk/work-equipment-machinery/faq-powered-gates

Should you require a call out please read and complete our Maintenance Procedure.