About Us

A message from Stuart Taylor,

Business Owner -

I was an apprentice-trained process plant control engineer, working in the chemical water treatments industry, installing and maintaining industrial pumps, drives and control systems. This was a great place to learn my trade within a hazardous environment having to work with incredibly dangerous substances and very stringent levels of health and safety.

Following on from my apprenticeship I worked for the family business manufacturing pallet wrapping machinery. Again the core skills were fabrication, drives and the development of automation drive control systems. I worked nationwide installing and maintaining the machines working in distribution centres of some of the most recognised companies in the UK.

Along side of this, since leaving school in 1997 I have always been involved with electric gates, working with a good friend who also worked with his family business making large farm trailers and machinery. Having the tools and the space to make large gates we soon realised that we could easily manufacture large industrial gates at very competitive prices and started to work our way into the industry.

I set up my own business in 2003 ‘SJT Electrical’ focusing mainly on commercial and industrial electrical installation work and wiring houses for local developers, whilst having continual involvement with automatic gates and barriers.

From 2008 there were two main factors affecting our industry, one being the recession effectively killing off the wiring side of the business over night, and the tragic deaths of two children in the space of a week, caused by unsafe automatic gates. This was a stark reality check for all in the industry as no one really understood the risks present and manufacturers did not provide the required safety devices. Something had to change.

From this point on I pushed my business in the direction of well engineered, and above all, safe automatic gates. We have invested in force testing equipment and training from the industry's leading safety providers, completing the ‘DHF Gate Safety Diploma’ and are now a Premier member of ‘Gate Safe’.

I work closely with several manufacturers keeping up to date with the industry's leading codes of practice, the use of state of the art safety equipment and pride myself on offering the highest levels of service and support possible.

Moving forward we have undertaken a re-branding of our business as SJT Auto Gates. This will give us more time to work to the industry's best health and safety practices and product training.

This ultimately should instill confidence in us, and provide you and your business with fully compliant security solutions.