Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation

A swing gate may cause an obstruction if your driveway turns sharply to the left or right. Therefore, a sliding gate may be the only solution when there is limited space in your driveway area.

Sliding gates can secure openings of up to 40 metres in width when installed as a pair and up to 4 tonnes in weight each leaf.

Please bear in mind that a sliding gate does require more space width ways than a swing gate however!

There are two different types of sliding gate mechanism:

The traditional roller-tracked sliding gate

A tracked sliding gate runs on wheels along a grooved steel rail that is buried just below ground level.

The cantilever sliding gate

A cantilever gate is counterbalanced above the ground, supported by rollers fitted to the bottom of the gate. The advantage of a cantilever gate is that you don't have to keep the track free of leaves - however, cantilever gates are generally more expensive as they require more civil engineering.