Automatic Retractable Bollards

Automatic Retractable Bollards

SJT Auto Gates can install rising bollards when a complete and final solution is required to prevent vehicles entering a controlled area. They allow for free pedestrian access in public areas or add further security when fitted alongside carpark barriers and electric gates.

They come in many different finishes and colours and sizes to suit every application.

The PAS58 Impact Rated Range can stop a 7 1/2 tonne lorry at 50mph, providing unparalleled protection at the most secure sites in the world.

SJT Auto Gates specialise in the complete installation of the entire URBACO range - the ideal solution for access control of a public or private street for vehicular traffic.

The Automatic Rising Bollard sinks into the ground in less than 3 seconds (adjustable) by means of a remote control device ), thus clearing the way for traffic and rises back once the vehicle has passed through.